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              Dialogue with song @ Hou

              DATE:2017-09-07   FROM:http://jackmenear.com  AUTHOR:HAO GANG WAN

              The first time I saw the song Huai two words, just think it is a unique word. It was at the end of last year, that is when the students operating companies, but also to see the joke thinking more treat with indifference. I do not know what I shot for the song, in a strange, Huai questioned, more the slightest sense of hope!

              Song Huai, a deep rich habitat name, mountain high water long! Who would have thought that the shot and round Jingjing so elegant name! Who would have thought that as a young man, a green hand, set off some waves in steel industry!


              Pay attention to song Huai in WeChat, and recognize the leader of Huai song, but in youth! The development and growth of modern enterprises, in front of numerous successful enterprises to show the style of the leader, decades of hard won the recognition and praise of the world. The old man can be fixed constant praise, as young people like the birth of Mr. Hou Zhibin, or classmates, but for the industry agree with and appreciate!

              I don't know what shot into the song, the WeChat world Huaigang pill, gradually clear. Every morning when the morning song Huai language is power I get up in the morning wake up, language students Hou on time dispatch, provide much material for thought, more exciting, the leader is so hard, enterprise forward burst! Of course, the little red is a symbol of luck, daily, for song Huai morning language red, is a day of good luck! Inner admit or not, always care about the daily song Huai red attribution! This care in inadvertently, but it is step by step!

              In less than two years, I would like to sing and shout with song huai! A moving song Huai, do solid work, give a verification of integrity; pride, song Huai innovation, with the pioneering practice of life; there is a hope, song Huai who diligently practice, leading the industry with action!

              Song Huai development is coincided with, in fact, or meet difficulties, and create a miracle! I am an outsider, but deeply aware of the heavy industry, not on behalf of individual glory! Show the true colour of a hero song all mighty wave crashing on a sandy shore, Huai achievement note!


              From the abrasive industry novice to upstart, I do not know the song Huai people behind the pay, but I was song Huai leader of the daily WeChat graphic infection! "Diligence, high quality plastic products, heart qi, a new wind."". To be the carrier of culture and rich connotation, exquisite picture, a little elf shot to the soul. Sohigh and song Huai perfect combination, to create its name consistent with the song Huai team, boutique entrepreneurship, efficient service, all such a perfect interpretation of the Huai Huai spirit! To WeChat platform for abrasives industry colleagues set up a bridge to communicate, shorten the distance between the region, and promote mutual understanding and close contacts within the industry, but also attracted my interest in this pedestrian!

              Efficiency comes from diligence. shortage in the play, see Hou students in recent years to visit customers to a stack of tickets, a busy picture, daily necessary to push the song Huai Chen language, I was deeply infected with Hou students, inspire!

              The present situation of the abrasive industry, the tragic competition and the grim prospect of the future, so that people in the industry pessimistic. Can students Hou and his song Huai steel shot, steadily develop the new standard abrasive industry! Perhaps he knows too much about hou, and I take it for granted! Perhaps we have been apart for too long, and the miracle of Mr. Hou and his song Huai will be more anticipated!

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