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          • 抛丸机生产厂家,钢丸钢砂价格,钢丸钢砂生产厂家
          • 抛丸机生产厂家,钢丸钢砂价格,钢丸钢砂生产厂家
          • 抛丸机生产厂家,钢丸钢砂价格,钢丸钢砂生产厂家
          • 抛丸机生产厂家,钢丸钢砂价格,钢丸钢砂生产厂家

          Anhui Ma'anshan iron and steel and Shandong song Huai friendship and cooperation chapter

          DATE:2017-09-07   FROM:http://jackmenear.com  AUTHOR:HAO GANG WAN

          2015 into December, Anhui Ma'anshan iron and steel Limited by Share Ltd in order to deepen the friendly cooperation between manufacturers, to consolidate mutual benefit and win-win situation, there are saddle steel Xing Xing led, a group of 3 people to visit the company. The general manager of Shandong song Huai metal products Co., Ltd. Mr. Hou Zhibin personally interviewed for a tour of the production line of song Huaigang pill. Total Xing said: in the past our cooperation is very happy, I hope in the future on the road to glory we stand together through storm and stress!


            Quality system certification and inspection report shot Xing Zong et al Shandong song Huai, Shandong song Huai general manager Hou Zhibin personally explain and answer


           Song details of quality inspection personnel Huaigang pill inspection process and index of each batch of shot process, allow customers to fully understand the shot


            Hou Zong led the visitors from the raw material to the steel production process step by step to visit, let the customer feel the excellent quality of song Huaigang pill


          Communicate with Anhui Ma'anshan iron and Steel Co. Ltd. the total steel production technology of Xing and Hou Zong


          Hou Xing to total a total line of difference and the scope of application of different types of steel grit


          Shandong Huai Huai metal products metal abrasives production workshop

          Hou Zong explained with knowledge, and on-site inspection of steel, quality reached SAE American Society of automotive engineers, ISO international standard and national standard of new steel grit. Song Huai Steel, Lili boutique ---- this is the song Huai people always adhere to the concept of the production, it is a great commitment to customers to make the song huai!

          After so many years of efforts, Maanshan approval and song song Huai Huaigang pill quality of products more information. Select the song Huai from the mass of suppliers, fully explain the quality and delivery time of the relative stability of song Huaigang pill. To reassure customers, Shandong song Huai forward the direction of progress!

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