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              Song Huaigang pill "my first half"

              DATE:2017-09-07   FROM:http://jackmenear.com  AUTHOR:HAO GANG WAN

              All married unmarried girl was hit drama "my former life circle powder before the play tells the story of a senior full-time wife, do not have to worry about work and housework, child care nanny care, money is responsible for the husband, just worry about where to go to play, this is to life will be so divided down until Shun Yifan, mistress, and her husband suddenly decided to divorce, women only a successful counter attack event.

              This is the first half of the TV version of women, the song was 2 and a half years old Huaigang pill, now I began to talk about "my former life, from the beginning, because I am still very young, you don't trust me, I just think what was not credible, but I have a loyalty the child is my founder, he didn't give up on me, always spread my name, to let more people know I know I accept my customers, find him insist on cooperation, again and again and again rejected the difficulties, and finally to the first single... Slowly... Open the door, with a high cost-effective products and high quality services to customers, and ultimately existing customers to establish a long-term cooperation, it also brings more customers.


              I was with the customer satisfaction for the purpose of service attitude is committed to sales, this let me when a birthday sales exceeded 80 million, which makes the same industry sales of steel grit manufacturers and dealers have to think I am I sit up and take notice, the industry of metal abrasive rookie, but I'm not proud of, or as one how to improve the hardness of steel grit into improving its wear resistance, and ensure that the premise of the enterprise is not the loss of how to bring real benefits to their customers and cooperation, and how to make customer satisfaction has always been my research direction.

              Hard work pays off, when I was two years old, there is no suspense in the company's turnover exceeded 100 million, customers are also more and more partners, through word of mouth, in the metal abrasive industry reputation, especially in the first half of this year, after two years of efforts, it also let more customers trust me, let me have more confidence in the development.

              In the first half of this year in the beginning of the year over the completion of the task, in May in Germany Hannover exhibition, as I walked out of China to prepare, now I with high quality and low price of steel occupies a certain advantage in the market, now I become the first brand of GB steel pill, this is me the first half of my life.

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