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                Counseling hotline:0531-88892257  13589059555
                • 抛丸机生产厂家,钢丸钢砂价格,钢丸钢砂生产厂家
                • 抛丸机生产厂家,钢丸钢砂价格,钢丸钢砂生产厂家
                • 抛丸机生产厂家,钢丸钢砂价格,钢丸钢砂生产厂家
                • 抛丸机生产厂家,钢丸钢砂价格,钢丸钢砂生产厂家

                Understanding song Huai


                Shandong song Huai metal products Co., Ltd. (SHANDONG SONGHUAI METAL PRODUCTS CO., LTD.) is a collection of chemical research, production, sales, after-sales service in an integrated enterprise. The company headquarters is located in a lotus surrounded on three sides Liu, a city with hills and lakes "reputation as a historical and cultural city - Ji'nan. The company has advanced production technology, the development of metal abrasives and shot blasting machine two major categories. Which contains seven metal abrasive cast steel shot, cast steel grit, steel cut wire shot, stainless steel shot, copper shot, zinc shot, aluminium shot series, a total of more than 80 specifications; shot blasting machine including standard equipment and non-standard equipment such as the two series.

                The company has strong technical strength, the existing staff of more than 360 people, 120 office staff, scientific research and development staff of more than 22 people, all above bachelor degree, a total of three production bases: headquartered in Ji'nan, the other two are located in the largest production base of metal abrasive Shandong Zou Pinghe Shandong Zhoucun, covers an area of 300 thousand square meters. We are in line with professional, super value service, so that customers moved by the service concept, in the spirit of "fighting hard, combat, dare to" first enterprise spirit, to provide our customers with intimate service.

                Song Yun Wei Huai Chi, Zonta - this is the song Huai people always adhere to the quality of the company, using the most advanced intermediate frequency induction furnace, centrifugal atomization granulation, quenching and tempering, after two round selection, screening and packaging made of high strength, strong durability cast steel shot, cast steel sand. The company has perfect quality detection means, advanced detection equipment for component identification of metal abrasive quality reached SAE American Society of automotive engineers, ISO international standard and national standard of new steel grit. The company has passed the ISO9001-2008 international quality management system certification. By domestic and foreign shipbuilding, casting, forging, heat treatment, steel structure, containers, machinery, automobiles, mines, stone and other industries users! In the future development, Shandong song Huai will rely on metal abrasives to provide you with a full set of spray shot blasting integrated chain services, as you can do at your fingertips spray shot cleaning experts!

                Shandong Huai Huai metal products Co., Ltd. in line with the "market-oriented, customer demand for the purpose of serving the vast numbers of customers and suppliers" market concept, has been the industry's support and support. 2015 Shandong song Huai to achieve a qualitative leap, has set up in Guangdong, Shanghai, Jiangsu, Zhejiang branch, the branch to implement service commitment Corporation "capital city 24 hours of arrival", annual sales of hundreds of millions of dollars in market share, is obtained as the container industry CIMC, Taiping container Xinhua, Chang, CSIC, FAW Group, Soueast, XCMG, Sany, etc. Shantui industry recognition and support. The company has gradually become the industry leader in shot blasting in Hou Zhibin under the leadership of general manager, with the suppliers and customers of gratitude, gratitude to stand in the shot blasting industry.

                Enterprise culture:

                Development policy: Based on the brand, with talent to promote development

                Service concept: with professional, super value service to move customers

                Enterprise spirit: development is the root of all problems

                Corporate vision: be an expert in throwing shot at your fingertips

                Core values: responsibility, teamwork, innovation, development

                Enterprise objective: seeking truth and seeking excellence

                Enterprise mission: integrating shot blasting resources to promote the development of the industry

                Company advantage:


                Companies throughout the country are equipped with distributors, ready to provide customers with timely and thoughtful pre-sale, sale, after-sale technical and maintenance services.


                The company has professional technical research and development team, to provide technical support for your business and the correct surface shot blasting, shot blasting, sandblasting solutions.


                The company has CNC laser cutting machine, CNC milling machine, Longmen CNC bending machine, CNC machining center, dynamic balancing instrument, wear parts precision casting production lines, the German Spike spectrometer and other advanced production and testing equipment, ensure the machining accuracy and quality of equipment.


                Integrity to win customers, services to create value, the greatest satisfaction of users is our unremitting pursuit, excellent engineering and technical team is your source of benefit.


                With high technical content, full varieties and large output, we will develop various kinds of high grade throwing (spraying) ball cleaning equipment, and realize the common development with the input of science and technology.

                Technical service:

                Shandong song Huai brand whether it can get a good brand reputation, long-term vitality and development ability, its brand after-sales service can be sentenced to it. Show the customer service service behavior brand is not only the brand for its product attitude and position, but also convey the sacred mission of brand culture; consumers a warm words, a cup of tea can have a profound impact on consumers, consumers do not care about the limitation of customer service service, but the brand for consumer attention degree; brand customer service service is the last step of the brand to consumers, regardless of the brand service call how loud the sale of consumer brand, how satisfied, will eventually be able to brand loyalty but also the transformation is to rely on customer service service to decide.

                The service center is mainly responsible for pre-sales technical service and customer service, including the shot blasting shot peening by shot blasting machinery and metal abrasive cast steel shot, cast steel grit, steel cut wire shot, stainless steel shot application consulting, customer opinion surveys and customer complaint management work three.

                Laser cutting machine: the company uses the largest laser power in Shandong Province, and has grafted the PRIMA unit technology of Italy. It adopts the advanced laser beam cutting equipment of the suspended Longmen beam flying light path structure. The equipment is fully enclosed and protected, the operator can clearly observe the complete processing process, and equipped with automatic exchange workbench, so that man-machine dialogue and operation is very convenient.

                Machining center: machining center machine tool structure adopts high-performance Hanna casting, the three axis adopts high-precision C3 ball screw, high-speed and high-precision spindle high-precision control unit, to ensure machining accuracy.

                CNC bending machine, CNC bending machine CNC system with Swiss CYBELEC DNC 60, HIWIN Dexing Rexroth linear guide and ball screw, to achieve efficient and accurate processing of sheet metal processing.

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